Insight Medical Tracheostomy Tube Cleaning Swab

Sold per Pack of 10

Cleaning Swabs are perfect for cleaning all types of PVC and silicone tracheostomy or laryngectomy tubes. The soft foam heads of the swabs avoid damaging or scuffing the inside of the tube, whilst the white plastic handle is flexible for ease of use.


  • Wide foam head
  • Available on FP10 Prescription
  • Single patient use only
  • Latex-Free
  • CE Marked
  • Available in three sizes suitable for popular sizes of tube: 6mm (Small), 9mm (Large) and 9mm (Extra Long Handle)

Suggested Use: Use with warm water to remove mucus residue in the tube.

Safety Information:

  • Inner cannula tracheostomy tubes must be cleaned
  • Refer to the tracheostomy tube manufacturer's instructions before cleaning
  • Always ensure the inner cannula is clean before use, before inserting back into the patient's tracheostomy
  • Do not excessively bend the handle of the swab
  • Only for the intended use on inner cannula tracheostomy tubes and not for use on other devices
Brand Insight Medical
Unit Of Measure Pack 10

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