Shipping & Handling

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We deliver to all areas within Australia.

Delivery times will / may vary locations. Most orders will be shipped the same day if received before 2.00pm.

Freight charges can vary for larger, unusually heavy items or long distance orders.



InterMed Pty Ltd, Trading as The Medical Equipment Centre (MEC) does not warrant delivery of the Goods by any date and shall not be liable if damages or for any loss suffered by the Purchaser by reason of any delay in delivery of the Goods.

MEC shall not be responsible for delays or non-delivery due to war, strike, natural disaster, Act of God, destruction of or damage to the MEC's plant, interference by Government or semi Government authorities, legislative prohibition or restrictions, or any other cause beyond the control of MEC; and

In the event of breach by the MEC of its obligations to deliver, MEC shall not be liable to the Purchaser for any amounts payable by the Purchaser by way of damages (whether liquidated or otherwise) under any contract entered into by the Purchaser with a third party for the purpose of which, or in connection with which, the Goods are supplied.