N95 Cup Particular Respirator Surgical Mask - Level 3

Sold per Box of 20

Surgical Face Mask N95 Cup with stapled head straps and level 3 fluid resistance is designed with middle melt-blown layer that is critical as they filter to contain droplets by electrostatically adsorbing them on the surface hence it cannot infiltrate the respirator. The mask is suitable for the public clinicians during surgical procedures and front-line workers battling infectious diseases.


  • N95 Cup type offers clinicians comfort, protection, and breathability
  • The inner layer is intended to absorb water, sweat and spit
  • While the outer layer provides resistance against blood penetration
  • The Cup Particulate respirator with stapled head straps is provided in a non-sterile state
  • Fluid resistance: 160mmHg
  • Australian Made

Intended Use:

  • P2/N95 Cup Particulate Surgical Respirator with Stapled Head Straps is intended for single use by operating room personnel and other general healthcare workers to protect both patients and healthcare workers against transfer of microorganisms, blood and body fluids, and airborne particulates.

P2/N95 Cup Particulate Surgical Respirator is made from the following materials:

Type Value
Spunbond 210mm wide and 50gsm
Dipped Spunbond cotton 210mm wide and 18gsm
Melt blown 210mm wide and 50gsm
Spunbond 210mm wide and 25gsm
Punched Cotton 210mm wide and 220gsm
Stapled Elastic Head Strap latex free
Sponge foam
Nose clip Aluminum


Barcode # SM-RC201/20
Brand Softmed
Unit Of Measure Box 20

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