Astral 150 Ventilator

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Astral 150™ is a portable, lightweight, and versatile respiratory device that adapts to the changing needs of ALS patients. Astral ventilators are devices that provide breathing support at night via mask, and during the day with a mouthpiece (often referred to as sip-and-puff). If using sip-and-puff mode during the day, you can switch between mouthpiece and mask ventilation when you need it.

The Astral can also be utilized with a tracheostomy. There are many therapy modes, including some that automatically adjust to fit your needs that can be prescribed by your physician. The Astral 150™ can be used intermittently or can serve as your full-time life-support ventilator. Recommended by ALS neurologists and respiratory therapists, the Astral 150™ has a user-friendly interface, personalized settings, and a cloud-based remote monitoring system that can provide valuable information to your physicians and care providers.


  • Comes with all the standard features of Astral 100, plus integrated FiO2 monitoring and double limb circuit capabilities
  • Variety of modes, circuits and interfaces for a broad range of respiratory conditions in adults and children (>5kg)
  • Simple mouthpiece ventilation enables fast, easy switching from mask to MPV without changing the circuit
  • Disconnection alarm and Learn Circuit give peace of mind with a wide range of setups
  • Engineered for mobility: weighs just 3.2 kg and has long-lasting batteries
  • Auto-scaling real-time pressure and flow waveforms deliver accurate information at a glance
  • Maintenance reminders and fast USB cloning of settings between devices streamline management and operations
  • Safety and security - Astral's sophisticated technologies and advanced alarms simplify life for caregivers and patients. Systems have been thoughtfully designed so, whatever setup is chosen, users can feel confident, comfortable and protected
  • Easy to use - For clinicians and caregivers alike, Astral is easy to operate due to its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, including big button feature, program naming options and guided setup assistant
  • So smart, yet so simple - Complete with nine different therapy modes, including iVAPSTM, Astral is well suited to many care environments. Offering single leak, single valve and double limb circuits, and compatible with various patient interfaces, Astral caters for a wide range of patient types - from adults to paediatric patients weighing as little as 5 kg
  • Connected health solutions - Through the ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM), Astral can connect to AirViewTM, a ResMed patient monitoring tool, giving you access to key patient data
  • Life support for patients over 11 lbs (5 kg)
Type Value
Single Circuit with Leak Yes
Single Circuit with Valve Yes
Valve Circuit Therapy: CPAP, (A)CV, P(A)CV, P-SIMV, V-SIMV, PS Yes
Leak Circuit Therapy: CPAP, (S)T, P(A)C, iVAPS3 and optional AutoEPAP4 Yes
Mouthpiece Ventilation Therapy: (A)CV, P(A)CV, PS/SVt Yes
Apnea Ventilation Volume and pressure
Preset Programs 2
Delivered Pressure (cmH2O) 2-50 (leak circuit)
  0-50 (valve circuit)
Delivered Tidal Volume (mL) Adult: 100-2500 mL
  Pediatric: 50-300 mL
Respiratory Rate Adult: Off, 2-50 bpm
  Pediatric: Off, 5-80 bpm
SpO2 Monitoring Optional
FiO2 Monitoring Optional
On Screen 30 days of summary data
  Real-time pressure and flow (25 Hz)    
ResScanTM (via download) 365 days of summary data
  7 days of detailed data
AirViewTM (RCM required) 365 days of summary data
  7 days of detailed data
Alarms A wide range of settable alarms are available including FiO2 and SpO2 when connected
Weight 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 285 mm x 215 mm x 93 mm
Internal Battery Lithium-Ion battery, 14.4V, 6.6 Ah, 95 Wh. 8 hours of backup power
Sound Power Level 43 ± 3 dBA: as measured according to ISO 80601-2-12:2011
Sound Pressure Level 35 ± 3 dBA: as measured according to ISO 80601-2-12:201
SKU RES27083
Barcode # 27083
Brand ResMed
Unit Of Measure Each

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