950™ Adult Ventilator Dual Heated Circuit Kit (with filter)

Sold as Each

This Circuit incorporates:

  • AirSpiral™ inspiratory - AirSpiral technology protects humidified gases from the ambient conditions using insulating pockets of air and integrated wall heating along the length of the inspiratory limb. Compared with a conventional inspiratory limb, this technology helps to reduce the formation of condensate, while the smoothbore internal walls improve resistance to flow.
  • Evaqua™ 2 expiratory - Evaqua technology minimizes condensate by allowing humidity to freely permeate through the wall of the expiratory limb while preventing the diffusion of pathogens. Compared with a conventional expiratory limb, this technology decreases condensate in the expiratory filter and helps to reduce ventilation issues caused by mobile condensate.

Each Circuit Kit Includes:

  • MR290 Autofill Humidification Chamber
  • Heated Inspiritary Limb
  • Non-heated Expiratory Limb
  • Y-Piece
  • Inlet tube > Ventilator to MR290 Chamber
  • RT019    Fisher & Paykel Inspiratory / Expiratory Breathing Circuit Filter
  • Circuit Hanger


SKU FP950A81
Barcode # 950A81
Brand Fisher & Paykel
Unit Of Measure Each

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