Fisher & Paykel Trilogy Evo Evaqua 2 Dual Limb Heated Circuit with AutoF Chamber & P Line Circuit for MR850 - Infant

Sold per Pack of 10

Trilogy Evo Evaqua 2 Dual Limb Circuit is designed for use with Fisher Paykel humidification chamber. Evaqua technology allows water vapor to diffuse out through the expiratory limb wall before it has an opportunity to condense into liquid water within the circuit limb or the ventilator. MicroCell technology in the inspiratory limb helps protect humidity from condensing. The result is an easy-to-use circuit that promotes a closed system and can reduce clinician intervention.


  • Heated dual limb
  • Comes with an autofeed humidification chamber
  • Infant use
  • Minimizes inspiratory and expiratory condensation
  • Promotes a closed system
  • Minimizes condensate-related ventilator alarms
  • Reduces filter wetting
  • Decreases circuit maintenance time
Barcode # RT265
Brand Fisher & Paykel
Unit Of Measure Pack 10

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