Meconium Aspirators - Yellow

Meconium Aspirators are designed for use as a suction device to aspirate meconium from a newborn's upper airway. It features a thumb port for a more regulated intermittent suctioning.


  • Designed to eliminate mouth suctioning of meconium
  • Suction control port for intermittent suctioning
  • Attaches to most endotracheal tubes
  • Easy identification
  • Length: 83 mm, ET tube connection opening: 15 mm (I.D.) and thumb port opening: 10 mm (I.D.)

Suggested Use:

  • Connect barbed end of Neotech Meconium Aspirator to suction line
  • Set the suction pressure at 80mm Hg or less
  • Intubate patient with proper ET tube
  • Connect 15mm I.D. end of Neotech Meconium Aspirator to 15mm O.D. ET tube adapter
  • Block thumb port with thumb to begin suctioning
  • Suction for two seconds or less at a time until meconium is full removed
  • Suction meconium intermittently
    • Note: For intermittent suctioning, unblock thumb port to stop suctioning
  • Block thumb port again to continue suctioning
  • Continue to suction while ET tube is withdrawn
  • Discard after use
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