ResMed Astral 150 Mobility Bag with Battery Compartment

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ResMed offers you purpose-built mobility bag for the Astral ventilators. This bag will provide effective protection for the device, as well as a neat, practical solution for patients and their caregivers when freedom and mobility are key.


  • Astral mobility bag fits the device and all its essential accessories
  • Broad, comfortable shoulder straps make the bags easy to carry either by hand or as a backpack, while additional straps allow for easy mounting onto wheelchairs
  • Features a transparent panel on the protective cover, so you can fully access the ventilator display to easily check therapy, observe alarms and switch programs while on the move
  • The Astral mobility bag allows the use of O2 (up to 6 L/min) with single circuits only
  • The Astral mobility bag has specific compartments that have been thoughtfully designed to carry all elements of the system including the ventilator, external battery, and power supply

Suggested Use:

  • Prior to placing the device in the Mobility Bag, remove: the power connection from the rear of the device, all patient circuit components, all accessories, including Remote Alarm and oximeter and the USB Stick.
  • Place the Astral device carefully into the bag, ensuring the handle is at the top and the screen faces the printed image on the bag.
  • Secure the Astral device in place by using the Velcro strap. (To ensure the most secure position, thread the Velcro strap through the handle and attach.) 
  • Place the Power Supply unit and any heavy components in the side zippered pocket.
  • Ensure all zippers are completely closed and the device secure before lifting the bag.


  • Do not place any heavy or bulky objects in the zippered pocket on the inside front of the bag. This could result in damage to the LCD Touch screen.
  • To prevent possible damage to the ventilator, always secure it to its stand or place it on a flat, stable surface. For mobile situations, ensure the Astral device is contained within its mobility bag.
  • The Astral device should not be operated while in the Carry Bag. To ventilate while travelling, use the Mobility Bag or SlimFit Mobility bag.
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Brand ResMed
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