​Baxter Sterile Water for Irrigation Plastic Bag - 2000ml

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Water for Irrigation is indicated as a general irrigating solution for washing and rinsing of body cavities, indwelling urethral catheter, or an alternative washing solution for wounds during a minor surgical procedure. 
For these indications the user should be aware that a fraction of the Water for Irrigation may enter systemic circulation.


  • Water for Irrigation should not be used for injection. 
  • Its entry into systemic circulation via open blood vessels during a surgical procedure causes haemolysis.
  • Thus, the use of this product during a major surgical procedure, or in a procedure where significant amounts may be absorbed, is contraindicated.
  • Do not use unless the solution is clear and the seal intact.


  • Water for Irrigation is hypotonic with osmolarity of zero mOsmol/L, because it does not contain any added substance.
  • Caution should be exercised as significant amounts of the water for irrigation may enter into the systemic circulation via opened blood vessels, in a surgical procedure or during irrigation associated with urological surgery.
  • Entry of hypotonic solution into systemic circulation may lead to haemolysis. Isotonic solutions do not cause haemolysis.
  • Haemolysis may lead to renal tubular obstruction by haemoglobin and acute renal failure.
  • An expansion of the intravascular fluid may result in a disturbance of the fluid and electrolyte balance including hyponatraemia, and cardiovascular/pulmonary disorders, such as congestive heart failure and peripheral oedema.
  • Thus, patients undergoing surgery should have their cardiovascular status, kidney function and electrolyte balance carefully assessed before and after using Water for Irrigation.
  • Methods of assessing fluid absorption include continuous monitoring of the patient’s weight and/or serum sodium during and after the operation.

*Suitable for use with the MyAIRVO 2 and  FP900PT561 Heated circuit including MR290 autofill chamber

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